2014 in Review: The B2B Tech Trends We Lived This Year

Observations-2014What a wild ride this year has been! For many of our clients, 2014 was the time to strike: with market winds in their favor, they understood that they had to move fast before someone else had the same idea or breakthrough. This is never more important than when a company, having seen early signs of success, is poised to move to a position of prominence within their industry. [Read more…]

How will you make your number this year? (Part 2)

A new data-driven approach to finding the highest propensity-to-buy customers

In our last post, we talked about the challenges B2B tech companies face in identifying the right sales cycles they need to be in to meet their revenue goals, and a new data-driven approach we’ve developed to help solve that dilemma. Today we’re going to talk about one of our clients putting this approach to the test – with great results.

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How will you make your number this year? (Part 1)

A new data-driven approach to finding the highest propensity-to-buy customers

Recently I was talking to a CEO that was brought in by investors to scale-up a technology company in a hot new emerging category. He told me two issues were keeping him up at night:

“I know sales cycles are happening at this very moment that we want to be in, but aren’t.”

“My pipeline is filled with small deals. My reps are spending time on the wrong deals!” [Read more…]

Positioning, Branding, or both? Let’s clear up the confusion.

Often we get calls from B2B tech companies looking for a brand strategy. Or we receive a desperate call by a tech executive to come in and clean up after an expensive branding effort that missed the mark. This got us thinking about a couple of questions that we hear time and time again:

  • What is the difference between Branding and Positioning?
  • Do companies need Branding, Positioning or both?
  • When is B2C branding helpful for a B2B company?

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Infographic: Sales doesn’t use your presentations

Sales thinks your marketing presentations are nice, but they don’t use them.

We recently conducted a survey of 50 technology industry sales leaders to find out if they use the presentation materials they get from marketing, and what their marketing partners could do to improve the quality and effectiveness of what they produced. [Read more…]

The difference between winners and losers

After working with almost 300 clients over the past several years, the difference between the winners and losers among technology companies has become clear.  The winners almost always share these four qualities:

  • They have a specialized focus (like social media management, big data analytics or IT operations).
  • They have unique IP or an original approach like distributed architecture.
  • They’re leveraging an inflection point in the market (like mobile marketing or IT-as-a-Service).
  • And, they have a strong, engaging point of view that captures the imagination of the market.

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Firebrick Positioning Scorecard

Positioning-ScorecardToday more than ever, tech companies are moving a mile-a-minute and marketing executives are looking for quick ways to make a big splash in the market. But as you know, every successful tech company first needs the right foundation — and Step 1 is strong positioning that will engage and win sales cycles, while establishing a distinct, prominent “corner of the room” in the market category.

With that in mind, we’ve created this handy Positioning Scorecard as a fun way to gauge how effective your company’s current positioning is. Your score will indicate whether or not your company would benefit from a positioning project or refresh. We hope you have fun with this, share it with your contacts to compare scores, and tell us what you think! [Read more…]