How will you make your number this year? (Part 2)

A new data-driven approach to finding the highest propensity-to-buy customers

In our last post, we talked about the challenges B2B tech companies face in identifying the right sales cycles they need to be in to meet their revenue goals, and a new data-driven approach we’ve developed to help solve that dilemma. Today we’re going to talk about one of our clients putting this approach to the test – with great results.

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How will you make your number this year? (Part 1)

A new data-driven approach to finding the highest propensity-to-buy customers

Recently I was talking to a CEO that was brought in by investors to scale-up a technology company in a hot new emerging category. He told me two issues were keeping him up at night:

“I know sales cycles are happening at this very moment that we want to be in, but aren’t.”

“My pipeline is filled with small deals. My reps are spending time on the wrong deals!” [Read more…]

How to build your buyer persona: the checklist

Recently we wrote about how often tech companies define their market in meaningless terms that fail to connect sales and marketing efforts to the real buyer at the point of revenue. Wouldn’t it be nice, we thought, if someone put together a list of questions – to steer customer interviews that will give you a clear picture of your buyer, and what matters to them. [Read more…]

Why sales doesn’t use your presentation

How to connect marketing to sales reality and drive revenue growth

Sales thinks your marketing presentations are nice, but they don’t use them.
Firebrick Consulting recently conducted a survey of 50 technology industry sales leaders to find out if they use the presentation materials they get from marketing, and what their marketing partners could do to improve the quality and effectiveness of what they produced. Not even a quarter of technology sales leaders we surveyed reported that they consistently use the materials they receive from marketing. The other 78% are creating their own sales presentations. [Read more…]