How will you make your number this year? (Part 2)

A new data-driven approach to finding the highest propensity-to-buy customers

In our last post, we talked about the challenges B2B tech companies face in identifying the right sales cycles they need to be in to meet their revenue goals, and a new data-driven approach we’ve developed to help solve that dilemma. Today we’re going to talk about one of our clients putting this approach to the test – with great results.

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How will you make your number this year? (Part 1)

A new data-driven approach to finding the highest propensity-to-buy customers

Recently I was talking to a CEO that was brought in by investors to scale-up a technology company in a hot new emerging category. He told me two issues were keeping him up at night:

“I know sales cycles are happening at this very moment that we want to be in, but aren’t.”

“My pipeline is filled with small deals. My reps are spending time on the wrong deals!” [Read more…]

In B2B, Different Doesn’t Sell

Different-Doesnt-SellWe have a client with innovative IP that has developed a disruptive cloud infrastructure platform and service. The value of this technology is significant because it delivers a 2X performance for ½ the cost – and has the promise to completely upend the market. Needless to say, the founders are brilliant – often the smartest people in the room. They pride their technology on being so “different” than the Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and others in the burgeoning market category. [Read more…]

Business models become the new disruptor

B2B has become “B2Any” – and the advent of cloud and SaaS solutions has moved subscription business models with Go-to-Market to the forefront as the new levers for disrupting markets, driving valuations and significant revenue growth. Companies such as Zuora are fueling the “subscription economy”. And a new generation of companies and products has taken advantage of this inflection point – Workday, Box, ZenDesk, Citrix Online, Joyent, Yammer and of course, SalesForce – and the market is rewarding these companies with committed revenue growth and large valuation multiples. [Read more…]

How to build your buyer persona: the checklist

Recently we wrote about how often tech companies define their market in meaningless terms that fail to connect sales and marketing efforts to the real buyer at the point of revenue. Wouldn’t it be nice, we thought, if someone put together a list of questions – to steer customer interviews that will give you a clear picture of your buyer, and what matters to them. [Read more…]